Healthcare: Acute Care

Southcoast Hospitals Group / St. Luke's Hospital

Intensive Care Unit

St. Luke’s Hospital, a Southcoast Hospital Group affiliate, hired Lavallee Brensinger Architects to conduct a facility wide study to find a new location for their existing ICU & CCU. Considerable analysis was undertaken to document and identify current and future state conditions including patient volumes, travel distances, and equipment and staff work flow. The completed study supported conversion of an existing wing to a 16-bed intensive care unit, improving efficiency while allowing staff to provide the same quality of care. The study also planned ahead for the creation of a new Trauma ICU in an adjacent space.

Currently in design, the new 16 bed unit will feature private, universal, patient rooms, to accommodate the complete relocation of the existing Intensive Care and Critical Care Units. Incorporating the latest intensive care and patient room evidence-based design, the new unit will support treatment for all patient types. While the square footage of the new unit has more than doubled the existing, the new layout allows for multiple levels of patient observation with no adjustment to FTE’s, increased support space, and minimal to no increase in staff travel distances. The increased size of the rooms will also now allow for family members to remain with the patient and participate in the care process.

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