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York Hospital

Fixed MRI

Knowing that the lease on its older, mobile MRI would soon expire, York Hospital engaged Lavallee Brensinger to explore possible locations for a new, fixed unit. Paying special attention to operational efficiencies and space optimization, our team identified, analyzed, and compared multiple locations. Ultimately, vacant space that was designated for future growth on the second floor of our recent Surgical Department Additions and Renovations project was selected.

Although its availability and adjacency to the Hospital’s Imaging Suite strongly favored the new location’s selection, it came with several notable challenges. The space’s size and configuration were adequate, but less than ideal. Furthermore, it was located directly above the Surgical Suite’s Waiting Area, presenting the possibility of objectionable noise and vibration from the heavy MRI equipment above.

Acoustical isolation would need to be achieved beneath the floor of the new equipment.  Our solution was to detail a system of sound absorption/barriers that could be installed incrementally above the ceiling of the Surgical Waiting Area below, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. A collaborative effort between Contractor, Hospital, and Architect enabled the work to be successfully accomplished on schedule and at a reasonable cost.

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