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Bowdoin College

Upperclass Housing Study

In an effort to create an inclusive and dynamic residential community that will support the future growth and development of residential life on campus, Bowdoin College engaged Lavallee Brensinger Architects to complete a fast paced feasibility study.   

The Feasibility Study focused on:

  • Creating attractive housing options that support independent living for juniors and seniors
  • Providing single bedrooms, apartment style living
  • Accommodating  4, 6, and 8 students per apartment
  • Increasing opportunities for social interaction
  • Creating an authentic, home-like experience

The project involved three distinct sites and required the team to quickly and simultaneously develop and test working unit configurations, as well as massing and layout concepts. Working with the steering committee, the collective team developed “guiding principles” to help inform the design and identify project constraints.

Strong design concepts, fitting within the site context, were also rooted in practicality addressing: parking needs and opportunities, plumbing fixture to bed ratios, and balancing the GSF/bed to program. These designs also allowed for the creation of unique spaces that enhance the sense of community at varying scales. 

Having successfully met Bowdoin’s three objectives: to provide a design that met the goals of the steering committee; to provide a total project cost; and to successfully sell the project to the board of directors; Lavallee Brensinger Architects was unanimously hired to implement the project.