K-12 Education: Comprehensive High Schools / Technical High Schools

Wells High School

Renovation and Addition

The Wells-Ogunquit Community School District hired Lavallee Brensinger to transform their high school facility into a team teaching, student-centered learning environment. The design solution takes full advantage of existing athletic and performance space, and creates new academic space that fully integrates their shift in pedagogy towards a proficiency-based curriculum, supporting each student’s individual learning plan.

A new student commons supports the student storage and informal learning needs, while also becoming the student living room where mentoring peer learning can coexist. The creation of a learning commons combines dining and library services to maximize the use of space and allow students to take advantage of the loud library experience where interactive and high-tech collaboration is encouraged.

The new classroom and lab space are designed as project studios, providing flexibility and multi-discipline collaboration within a STEAM environment that teams Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math curricula.

Wells High School is the first publically funded K-12 school to be recognized as a Maine Advanced Building. Efficiency Maine's initiative for Maine Advanced Building follows the Tier 2 prescriptive energy-saving measures of the New Building Institutes Core Performance Guide. These measures assure a 30% energy-savings beyond code and are the foundation for Green Building Protocols such as LEED, CHPs and other third party sustainable building programs.