Celebrating Promotions & New Hires!

Lavallee Brensinger Architects is pleased to announce the recent promotions of Joan Eagleson, Danielle Santos and Sean Landry.

Joan Eagleson, AIA – For the past 20 years Joan Eagleson has been a valuable member of the Lavallee Brensinger team. Fueled by her ongoing passion for Senior Living and Behavioral Health Design, Joan has become a well-respected designer, contributor and expert in both concentrations. As the Studio Leader she has been an Instrumental part of the Senior Living Studio, bringing a creative and collaborative spirit that encourages her team to generate innovative design solutions that foster day-today functionality and patient comfortability. In 2015, Joan’s zeal for Behavioral Health Design, ignited an intuitive connecting National Leaders and Industry Experts, resulting in opening a line of communication to explore future opportunities to provide safer and more effective behavioral health spaces. For these reasons and so many more, we proudly announce Joan Eagleson as our newest Principal!

Danielle Santos, AIA, LEED AP, BD+C – Has brought more than 15 years of experience in Healthcare Design to the Lavallee Brensinger Team. Her passion for helping others shines through in the work she does for the Healthcare Studio. Certified in Lean in Healthcare, Danielle is continually mindful of designing to both improve the staff work flow as well as the patient experience. Her passion for helping build strong, healthy communities is reflected in both her designs and responsible project management. For all her efforts Danielle has now been promoted to a Senior Associate!

Sean Landry, AIA – Sean is one of Lavallee Brensinger’s leading Project Managers. With each project he brings an enthusiasm for design that is unparalleled, and a comprehensive knowledge of sustainability. Sean’s broader professional interests lie in the idea that design can strengthen community by creating environments that foster kinship, and places that create long lasting memories. Sean’s attention to detail and expert documentation leads each project through a stress-free process and successful completion.

Lavallee Brensinger Architects also welcomes:

  • Jason Bennett, Designer
  • Alina Dragan, Interior Designer
  • Sarah Fortin, Designer
  • Steve Hebsch, Designer
  • Anne Ketterer, Designer
  • Scott Reynolds, Designer
  • Chris Urner, Architect
  • Son Wooten, Architect
  • Desirea Falt, Architect
  • Leigh Sherwood, Principal
  • David Harris, Project Manager