Community Spotlight: Brooke DeYoung, AIA New Hampshire

Photo courtesy of New Millenium Studios LLC

AIA New Hampshire Provides Professional Development to Architects

From our beginning in 1976, founder Don Lavallee focused on doing his best to make things better and inspired others to do the same. He cared deeply about our team, our work, and our community. Today, the tradition of giving back remains an important part of what makes Lavallee Brensinger Architects a rewarding place to work and create.

We are excited to spotlight Project Designer, Brooke DeYoung, who is currently carrying on a Lavallee Brensinger tradition of serving an Associate Director for AIA New Hampshire.

1. What is your current role/position?

I am one of the Associate Directors of the New Hampshire American Institute of Architects.

2. What does this organization bring to the community?

The AIANH is a not-for-profit professional-service association that provides the architecture community with resources and relationships to do their best work. They keep members and the public informed about the profession of architecture through education, public outreach, recognition of design excellence and many other ways.

3. Why is this organization important to you?

The AIANH has been a huge resource for me and other design professionals in the state of NH. Information on how to become an architect, job postings, continuing education and even legal contract documents are only a few things the AIANH provides. The AIANH provides all the resources for me to become the best design professional I can be. I have attended many events put on by the AIANH and connected with several professionals and other emerging professionals throughout New Hampshire. These connections have opened new doors and the community created by this association has motivated me in my own career.


About Brooke DeYoung

Brooke DeYoung

603.622.5450 Extension 103 |
Brooke is a Project Designer with several years of experience and is highly skilled in her field. Her passion for creating dynamic spaces is evident in her work, which incorporates the latest technology, sustainable design, and a strong focus on aesthetics.