Lavallee Brensinger Architects Recognized by AIA New England as an Emerging Professionals Friendly Firm

Lavallee Brensinger Architects Recognized by AIA New England as an Emerging Professional Friendly Firm

We are proud to announce that AIA New England has identified Lavallee Brensinger as a firm that creates a nurturing environment and offers professional development opportunities for emerging professionals. We are committed to the growth of our Emerging Professionals (EP) through mentorship, exploration, and education.

“Both Rich and I began our careers at Lavallee Brensinger as Emerging Professionals and we know the value of quality mentorship, knowledge sharing, access to the latest technology, and gaining experience with a variety of projects and clients.”, said Lavallee Brensinger President Chris Drobat. “This has been the most influential part of our career development and we want to continue that legacy at Lavallee Brensinger. It is exciting and energizing to meet the talented individuals who are embarking on a career in architecture, and we want to support and encourage them to find their passion and joy in the work of the profession. Lavallee Brensinger is committed to fostering a work environment that is people first with a focus on our clients, environmental sustainability and giving back to the communities that we live, work, and play.”

Lavallee Brensinger believes that through holistic experience, EPs can find excitement in their work and naturally develop their expertise. These early careerists are encouraged to explore each of our studios that serve specific markets (Civic + Cultural, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Education, Science + Technology, Senior Living and Workplace), and work with the teams on a variety of projects. They are then empowered to decide which studio they like to work in based on what brings them joy and what they feel the most passionate about.

Rachael Gaydos, Project Designer and former AIANH Emerging Professionals Chair began her career as a Student Intern at Lavallee Brensinger. Rachael chose to accept the position of Project Designer at Lavallee Brensinger, because “During my internships I was given many opportunities to learn about several project types. I was impressed with how the firm prioritized giving me large amounts of exposure early on in my career. Upon graduating I was certain that Lavallee Brensinger would continue to allow me to dive into my interests and support me in my learning areas. Since developing a passion for healthcare design the firm has provided me with resources, support, mentorship, and a clear path to become a Subject Matter Expert.”

If you are curious, driven, and passionate about what you do, consider joining our group of Emerging Professionals. To learn more about a career at Lavallee Brensinger Architects, please click below.

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