Lavallee Brensinger Architects Recognized by AIA New England for third year in a row as an Emerging Professional Friendly Firm!

Lavallee Brensinger Architects Recognized by AIA New England as an Emerging Professional Friendly Firm

We are proud to announce that AIA New England has identified Lavallee Brensinger as an Emerging Professional (EP) Friendly Firm. This distinction identifies that a firm has created a nurturing environment that offers professional development opportunities for emerging professionals (professionals who have completed their academic studies up to the point of licensure or up to 10 years after completion of their academic studies).

“As a firm, we are committed to providing opportunities for mentorship, exploration, and education to ALL team members.” Said Lavallee Brensinger CEO Richard Pizzi. “We pride ourselves in fostering a culture where team members are empowered to design their own unique career paths. With the advantage of six diverse studios, we offer a wide spectrum of project opportunities, encouraging emerging professionals to discover their strengths, inspiration and work that genuinely resonates with their passions.”

At Lavallee Brensinger, we firmly believe in nurturing a holistic experience for Emerging Professionals (EPs), allowing them to discover the thrill in their work and organically cultivate their skills. We actively encourage these budding professionals to engage with each of our specialized studios catering to distinct markets such as Civic + Cultural, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Education, Science + Technology, Senior Living, and Workplace. They are invited to collaborate with various teams across a spectrum of projects, empowering them to choose a preferred studio based on their joy and profound passion.

Courtney Carrier, Project Designer and current AIANH Emerging Professionals Co-Chair is an emerging professional at Lavallee Brensinger. Courtney finds that being an EP at Lavallee Brensinger is beneficial because, “there is something amazing about working in different studios, exploring different project types, and finding where my passion lies. I appreciate that as an emerging professional, I am encouraged to try new things, and my input and suggestions are valued.”

If you are curious, driven, and passionate about what you do, consider joining our group of Emerging Professionals. To learn more about a career at Lavallee Brensinger Architects, please click here.