Lavallee Brensinger’s Commitment to an Equitable Future

Lavallee Brensinger is renewing and deepening our commitment to our core values of fairness and equity. We will continue to focus our work on creating places that are most essential to vibrant communities’ buildings that bring us together, promote learning and healing, and enhance productivity for all – regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation.

Our best work has always resulted from collaboration. Teamwork that is open, objective, inclusive, and mutually respectful. Our experience has proven that creativity, competency, and commitment are not exclusive to persons of any particular gender or color. They exist in all of us.

It is our hope, our commitment, that our greater collective awareness of the inequities and injustices in and around us will serve as a call-to-action. Together we must create equal opportunity, justice, and respect for all, and build a future where we can all be our best selves.

Your Mission inspires us.
Our creativity and knowledge empower you.
Together we achieve excellence.