Hudson School District
Wilbur H. Palmer Career & Technical Education Center


K-12 Education:
High Schools & Technical Centers

Traditional education provides students with a strong foundation. Offering technical skills at the high school level allows students to explore potential career paths through experiential learning. The addition and renovation to the Wilbur H. Palmer Career and Technical Education Center (CTE) weave these approaches together and develop a stronger relationship between traditional and technical education.

The school’s connection to nature, agriculture, and forestry is palpable, celebrated in the Hudson community, and serves as the central design concept for the entire building. Connecting the Alvirne High School, and Palmer CTE center is a long corridor that mimics a forest path, signifying the student’s journey to discovery. At the heart of the building, students are greeted with spaces designed to celebrate their work and accomplishments. While transitioning from class to class learning on display encourages exploration of 15 different programs, ranging from Heavy Mechanics Lab to Veterinary Sciences to Welding.

The hands-on learning approach prepares students for success after high school. Each program space is designed for adaptability, ensuring future ready space that can support ever changing equipment and technology. The Barnyard Cafe, Blooming Broncos Greenhouse & Flower Shop, Alvirne Agri-Pet Kennel, and the Alvirne Farm are open to the community. This allows students to gain experience managing a fully operational business while also building customer service skills in a controlled setting.

The addition and renovation to the Wilbur H. Palmer CTE serves as a community hub, attracting community and business partners, sending schools, students, and preferred instructors. The School District’s investment has resulted in a renewed interest in CTE programs and a dramatic increase in program enrollment.