Boston Children's Hospital
Boston Children’s Hospital Karp Research Center


Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) created a state-of-the-art Library, Archive and Boardroom within the Karp Research Center. The large conference and training room serves as their Executive Boardroom as well as a flexible meeting space for general use. The materials and finishes reflect the inviting playfulness of the BCH brand while also reflecting the work of the Board of Trustees, Archival Library Staff, and the providers of Educational content.

The space is “quiet” both acoustically and visually to reflect the role of the Education Center. The Boardroom and Library are located away from the main campus, limiting access to most users. This was also an opportunity for BCH to vacate current sites and consolidate programs into a multipurpose flexible space that serves multiple campus needs. Our team planned the space so that functions that require acoustic privacy are located away from breakout/collaboration spaces. Acoustic privacy in the board and conference rooms was critically important for Board of Trustees meetings where executive-level discussions were happening.

This new location provides access to research and archive materials adjacent to the main campus in Downtown Boston. The training and education spaces provide much needed meeting, collaboration, and breakout spaces as well as providing quiet touchdown spaces for downtime between meetings or shifts.