Bridge Renovations and Flexible Office Space


Over the past 30 years, Primex3 has shifted away from private desk spaces and offices to shared resources and highly mobile employees who often work off-site. The facility became a training hub as training demand had increased to the point that the existing facility could not sustain the demand. To make room, the upper-level executive suite of private offices were replaced with fresh amenities available to all employees. This project consolidates the employees to the upper-level in more appropriate workspaces and clears the main level for new training spaces.

This renovation is dedicated to the employee experience. It provides the collaboration spaces, support spaces, and focus areas the employees actually needed, and nothing they didn’t. Durable, acoustically-sound, fresh material choices revitalized this space into one that reflects the dynamic staff.

This project also sets the stage for the lower floor renovations, which will be dedicated to the member experience.