Hillsborough County Superior Court South

Civic + Cultural | Municipal:
Justice | Public Safety

The first court in New Hampshire with centralized judicial facilities, this design provides the justices with chambers, conference, reception, library, and support spaces in a centralized suite on the third floor. Similar spaces on the second floor are dedicated to jury assembly and related uses.

Discrete vertical and horizontal circulation systems are provided for public, prisoner, and judicial staff. Public court waiting areas are scaled to provide a sense of privacy and overlook the south facing courtyard and landscaped areas. A three-story rotunda anchors the court wings and orients the public to all areas. A central security office electronically monitors all interior and exterior areas of the courthouse.

Designed in keeping with its urban context and its societal importance, the Hillsborough County South Superior Courthouse has become a landmark structure in Nashua and will catalyze needed redevelopment of its neighborhood.