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Creteau Regional Career and Technical Center at Spaulding High School

K-12 Education:
High Schools & Technical Centers

The addition and renovation of the Richard W. Creteau Regional Technology Center at Spaulding High School aimed to include a better connection to the Rochester, NH Community allowing for programs including banking and culinary arts to interact with and serve the public. In addition to increasing the connection to the community,  establishing a new modern image for the Center and connection to the High School to peak interest amongst local and sending school students across all programs. Interior design played a large role in creating space that students love to be in and learn in. It included modernization and upgrades to all 16 programs: Accounting, Automotive, Banking, Business and Marketing, CAD/Engineering, Computer Technology, Culinary Arts, Education, Environmental Sciences, Graphic Design, Health Science, HVAC, Law and Public Safety, Photography and Video Production, Precision Manufacturing, and Wood Manufacturing.

A major focus of this project was to create career and technical labs with modern equipment that encourages hands-on, independent learning. Early concepts identified processes and equipment needs that drove prototype lab designs and informed the chosen concept.