Cheshire Medical Center
Family Medicine Residency Program

Medical Education and Clinical Simulation

The client’s primary goal for this project was to create a cohesive space that combines a modern Family Medicine practice with an advanced Family Medicine Residency program, bridging clinical and educational elements. The challenges included repurposing an insurance company-designed building for clinical and educational purposes, accommodating future infrastructure needs, and ensuring a patient-centric experience within the Family Medicine Clinic. Patient privacy and dignity were paramount, while also meeting accreditation requirements for the residency program to attract top-tier students. The solution involved strategically locating the Family Medicine practice at 62 Maple Street Keene NH, optimizing parking and creating a patient-friendly entrance, while the second-floor positioning of the Family Medicine Residency program allowed for future expansion without disrupting the clinic. The plan intelligently integrated clinical spaces and support for the Residency Program, offering intuitive patient access and efficient behind-the-scenes circulation for staff and students. Success metrics, such as the number of residency candidates selecting the Cheshire FMR program as their first choice, will be measurable by March 2024 to gauge the project’s impact.

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