The University of Vermont Medical Center
Genomic Medicine Laboratory

Higher Education:
Medical Education and Clinical Simulation

The University of Vermont Medical Center selected Lavallee Brensinger Architects for a comprehensive renovation—programming through construction services—of their Genomic Medicine Laboratory on the University of Vermont Burlington campus.

To meet regulatory requirements, the project scope focused on dedicating space for three major Genomic Care Pathways: Cancer, Pharmacogenomics, and Unidentified Inherited Disorders. Renovation of the 5,000 SF included laboratory, clinical, and office space.

An important part of the planning was to create spaces that were open and inviting, which provided enhanced safety and fostered creativity and collaboration. Cost-effective and appropriate finishes and lighting were selected to brighten the space.

Utilizing the principles of biophilic design, murals of outdoor photography were installed to imply views and open space that were unavailable, due to the laboratory occupying a windowless basement. Our design team allocated room in each suite for personal storage adjacent to the lab, with dedicated space for climate-appropriate clothing and footwear.