Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Huang-Hobbs BioMaker Space

Higher Education:

Among the first of its kind in the nation, this project is being developed for use by Bio-Engineering and Biochemical Engineering undergraduate students. The space will follow the same spirit of the already existing 130,000 square feet of student-led exploration on campus dedicated to fabrication with metal, wood, glass, and silicon chips. It will also provide a growing population of students in life sciences with similar wet lab facilities needs.

In addition to the technical and lab based specifications, the bio-makers also had an ambitious list of academic goals: encouraging discussions, self-policing, student engagement, and creating excitement around developing projects that could lead to further spin-off projects and outside investment.

The completed project provides a laboratory environment of tissue culture, chemical fume hood, nano enclosures, and support equipment within an adaptable lab environment. A contiguous lounge allows oversight into the lab and a creative collaboration space for individual and group work.

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