Rutland Regional Medical Center
Linear Accelerator

Acute Care

The first in the United States, and only the second accelerated installation of its type by the equipment manufacturer, Rutland Regional Medical Center (RRMC) and Lavallee Brensinger shut down and completely renovated an existing linear accelerator vault within a three week time period – an equipment replacement process typically spanning three months.

Acutely aware of the patients’ medical condition, RRMC wanted to use this renovation to create the best possible patient experience. The design sculpted the space using warm, inviting, natural materials and night sky imagery. Concealed storage was artfully implemented to minimize the clinical aspect/feel of the space.

The complete renovation and equipment replacement project included new patient changing and waiting areas, new staff work spaces, a new control station and new electrical service. The renovation design was carefully coordinated with construction implementation, allowing for the majority of work to be completed prior to removal of existing equipment. The vault was then renovated, within one week, to prepare for new equipment installation.

This creative, well thought out and meticulously planned approach allowed RRMC to resume all scheduled treatments with no interruption to patient services.