Concord Hospital
Inpatient Renovation – Medical Surgical Nursing Unit

Acute Care

This project replaces a 1980’s nursing unit composed of semi-private patient rooms with a 16 private room modern Medical Surgical Nursing Unit. Lean principles were applied from the onset throughout the design process to analyze staff work flow, travel distances, and ultimately improve efficiency.

A centralized team work area was created to promote caregiver collaboration. Decentralized nurse workstations are provided in each patient room pod to increase patient/nurse interaction. Other project features include decentralized Medication Rooms and Nurse Servers to reduce time wasted in travel.

Patient Rooms are designed to create distinct clinical and family zones, with a focus on the needs of the patient. The patient bed is orientated to the exterior views and family area. The clinical zone is easily accessed by staff and is equipped with work surfaces, hand sink, supplies, and bedside computer workstation.