Morse High School
Morse High School and Bath Regional Technology Center

  • A photo of the Long corridor towards gymnasium with center classroom and upper hallway at Morse High School

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High Schools & Technical Centers

Lavallee Brensinger Architects worked closely with the Department of Education, Regional School Unit 1 (RSU1), Morse High School, and Bath Regional Career & Technical Center (CTE) to define a vision, educational plan, and integrated design solution for their new sustainable educational environment. Recognized with the most active Alumni Association in the United States, RSU1 serves over 650 high school and 277 career and technical students.

In close collaboration with the Department of Education, and Alumni Association, the new 186,658 sf school was designed to support advanced educational opportunities and skills within the multiple pathways offered. Educational planning fully integrated both core curriculum and CTE programs into a STEAM environment, providing shared learning opportunities.

The centrally located learning / dining common serves as the heart of the school while also connecting the library, CTE programs, core subjects, athletics, and the performing arts. All learning places and spaces were designed to easily adapt with advances in technology, equipment, and educational delivery. Shared RSU administrative spaces encourage close educational collaboration while also providing safe and secure building access.

Morse High school is oriented on the site to maximize solar energy and daylight harvesting. It is also positioned to maximize its hybrid geothermal system, providing high-efficiency heating and air conditioning, and reducing operational costs. The strategic use of windows (keeping window-to-wall ratio below 30%) and solar tubes provides daylighting to over 95% of all learning spaces.