Exeter Hospital
New Linear Accelerator

Acute Care

Starting at the entry to the treatment corridor, Lavallee Brensinger Architects worked closely with Exeter Hospital to thoughtfully choose a soothing materials palette. These same materials continue into the maze to blur the line of where the vault truly begins. Once inside the vault a warm, textural stone and glass tile wall continues to the patient station; a place to store personal items prior to entering the treatment zone. Inside the treatment zone warm wood cabinets hide supplies and equipment from the patients view. An uplit, custom printed sky image serves as the focal point for the room.

From a campus perspective, this second linear accelerator vault serves as the backdrop to the Oncology healing garden and is highly visible from the medical oncology unit. As such, the exterior was designed to work in harmony with the surrounding architecture. A living green wall was used to disguise the imposing forms of the primary barrier. The roof is covered in a green roof assembly, minimizing visual impact in the courtyard. On the inside, the new vault is designed to house staff supplies in the locations most appropriate. Bulky and heavy supplies are located as close to isocenter and the linac couch as possible. Lighter, more manageable items and less frequently used items are stored further away.