East Tennessee Children's Hospital (ETCH)
Pediatric Psychiatric Services Observation & Intake

Behavioral Health

Working with an architectural partner, Barber McMurry Architects in Knoxville TN, Lavallee Brensinger lead design for the Observation and Psychiatric Services admissions unit. The goals for the unit was to create a flexible unit that could double as Emergency Department overflow and for Psych services observations. The hospital’s average length of stay over previous two years was less than 24 hours, but have had psych patients waiting for admission for up to 3 days. They wanted to create a unit that would give patients and their families space within the rooms, access to snacks and prepared meals, and showers. The requirements for staff / patient safety was a critical component to the design. Products, construction details and materials were selected to create a welcoming environment, to assure ease of use, low maintenance, and to reduce risk of self harm or harm to others.