Lavallee Brensinger Architects
Work space to think, present, meet, pause or touch-down


This new Portland, ME design studio reflects an expanding company and a shift in workplace philosophy. The 2,200 sf space was fit-up to allow for multiple modes of working and incorporates third space, the space between work and home. There are spaces to relax, think, present, meet, pause or touch-down.

The reception seating space is a casual meeting space that features mid-century classic furniture and on the wall digitally printed artwork is changed monthly to keep the space current, lively and engaging. A curved wall, constructed in an alcove, allows for pin-up and discussion as well as allowing for future expansion. The desking system was chosen because of its simple structure, flexibility and the ability to add custom color on the legs and end panels.

The adjoining conference room is infused with a residential feel, has multiple write-on wall surfaces and is fitted with a projector, camera, ceiling mounted speakers and microphones to allow for connectivity.

At the heart of the studio is a 25 x 3 1/2 work island and library. This area provides additional standing or seated meeting and working space, with pin-up space, as well as storage for the materials library. The entire work surface is lit by LED pendant fixtures, with silicone shades, that are the perfect blend of form and function