Boston Children's Hospital
Simulation Center – Pediatric


Higher Education:
Medical Education and Clinical Simulation

Hospital-based simulation centers are typically challenged with a lack of available space. The solution is to maximize every space for multiple simulation opportunities. Faced with a similar situation at Boston Children’s Hospital, Lavallee Brensinger programmed and designed a new Simulation Center emphasizing flexible, multi-purpose spaces, with each space supporting two to three functions.

The new Center features three labs, each designed for multiple simulation settings and training opportunities to accommodate task trainers, human patient simulators, standardized patients, and hybrids. This is accomplished by carefully superimposing multiple healthcare environments within each space. The Center is designed to promote multi-room and multi-disciplinary training within and between simulated departments, as well as integrating the SIM Engineering Core to support ultrahigh fidelity through 3D printing. The design includes support spaces that promote a variety of simulation opportunities: acute care and outpatient scenarios across multiple rooms, patient transport, and group work sessions and conferencing. The SIM Engineering Core includes engineering lab space, workshops, 3D imaging and printing, conference, and office space.

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