Town of Wells
Public Safety Facility

Civic + Cultural | Municipal:
Justice | Public Safety

Lavallee Brensinger joined the Town of Wells in their mission to re-create their Town Center with a new public safety facility incorporating their police, fire, and ambulatory services. The team includes Architectural Design Group (ADG), a nationally recognized public safety expert, and Lavallee Brensinger, recognized for their leadership in community-centric services and award-winning New England design.

As a seaside tourist community, Wells has a police force that expands during the summer tourist season to three-times its off-season capacity. Wells selected Lavallee Brensinger | Architects Design Group for their proven planning expertise and success in building support. Starting with a community engagement and planning process to visualize a solution that accommodates their unique force fluctuation, the process focused on a state-of-the-art facility that embodies a sympathetic design language to form the center of this quaint, nautical community. Incorporating a new fire department central station and ambulatory response unit, placed the community’s comprehensive safety services onto one central campus. Additionally two fire sub-stations will be consolidated into one and located strategically to minimize fire and ambulatory response time.