University of New Hampshire
College of Health and Human Services Simulation Lab

  • Vertical view towards interior entrance of UNH Health Sciences Sim Center, with seating in foreground.

Higher Education:
Medical Education and Clinical Simulation

In preparation for anticipated growth of the University of New Hampshire’s College of Health and Human Services (CHHS), phase 1 of a two-phase project will be ready to welcome incoming and returning health profession majors for August 2021; a 13-room, 20,000 SF Health Sciences Simulation Center.

The facility fills an immediate need in student education and the development of health professionals in New Hampshire and the surrounding region, providing new opportunities for graduate and doctoral degree programs and allow the physical space needed to bring the CHHS together under one roof.

The simulation rooms will accommodate a practice environment creating an opportunity for various health professions to work collaboratively in a lab setting. The building includes a hub where students and faculty can informally come together to meet, study, collaborate, and rest between classes.

Phase 2 will later convert the simulation facility into an interprofessional clinic. A new Health and Human Services building will be constructed to house all CHHS offerings: Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, Exercise Science, shared student and faculty support space, flexible classrooms, and shared instructional clinical labs as well as a 16-room simulation lab. In addition, a shared Food Lab and Simulated Apartment Suite is planned for in-home resident care training.