Town of Wolfeboro
Wolfeboro Public Library

Civic + Cultural | Municipal:

The Trustees selected Lavallee Brensinger Architects to review the previous work to date and offer options that were more aesthetically pleasing, community-responsive, and cost-effective. Starting with visioning and planning services, it was determined the community preferred a pitched roof and energy-efficient solution, to reduce operational costs and create a design that fit within the community context.

Working with the Trustees and members of the community, it was decided to expand the library towards Main Street, provide a new welcoming entrance, expand the parking by more than 80 spaces, and wrap the existing library on two sides to create a whole new appearance from main street and the parking areas. The solution provided for expanded services, several small meeting rooms, dedicated and acoustically separated space for teen and children programs, genealogy space, and a technology services center. A new large meeting room functions as a Maker Space, children’s crafts room, and made available to the community when the library is open or closed. The design focused on daylighting with the use of solar tubes, large north and north-east facing windows, as well as clerestory windows. As part of the process, Lavallee Brensinger assisted fund-raising efforts with meeting discussions, graphic materials, and working with organizations to receive donations to support sustainable strategies and measures. This building is Net-Zero ready.