Rami Haydar
RA, LEED AP, Project Architect


Rami is a seasoned Project Architect with over 21 years of experience and broad expertise across various project types. Rami has a specialization in building envelopes, and has extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of construction, including the design of exterior walls, roofing systems, and other building components that protect against weather and environmental conditions. As a LEED AP,  Rami has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable design practices. This expertise can be valuable when working on projects that aim to achieve LEED certification or other sustainability goals.

Rami’s meticulous eye and attention to detail is also noteworthy, as it is essential to ensure that all aspects of a project are well-coordinated and that construction documents are accurate and precise. His ability to manage multiple aspects of a project, while also paying attention to the smallest details, is an important skill for a Project Architect.

Additionally, Rami’s experience as a United States Army Reserves Veteran and skilled linguist allows him to have strong communication and leadership skills, as well as a unique perspective on the importance of collaboration and teamwork. These skills can be valuable when working with diverse project teams and communicating with clients and stakeholders.

Rami holds a Master of Architecture degree from SUNY at Buffalo.

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